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Oscar Wilde Would Not Approve

shackinup_sesa identities are up! go read the lovely Dreamlife, which was written for me by jae_w. (thank you!!!) now here is my story.

Title: Oscar Wilde Would Not Approve
Pairing: Sirius/Remus
Rating: PG
Summary: How Sirius saved Christmas and why Remus is really quite illiterate.
A/N: This is for the lovely, talented and really quite chauvinistic krabapple, whose name I so HAPPILY received in the shackinup_sesa. :*

( "Yeah? I was reading in the womb," Sirius said. )

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Title: Perigee
Pairing: Sirius/Remus, Regulus
Rating: PG-13
Summary: The war began.
A/N: For statelines and avoteforla, primarily because they are two sexy ladies who had birthdays 349857 moons ago, secondarily because Rina wrote me a FICLET and because La did beta for her own fic (although I didn't tell her that at the time and I'm a jerk), and thirdarily because they are Black brother aficionados.

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As Kings (John/Paul)

As Kings (or, Hamlet For Losers)
Beatles RPS (yeah shut up)
PG (Language)
681 words

I can only hope this will be the end of my block. You might think otherwise.
Dear Beatles Fandom: Simmah dawn, naw - with another icecold John/Paul! (Though it was gen for 98% of the ficlet.)

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Rating: Uh?
Pairing: HAHAHA. Well, Sirius/Remus, Sarah/Crack, Ariel/?
A/N: To my darling darling blacksatinrose (or Ariel) on her birthday. RPF freaks you out a little. So I've written some, about you. But everything here I wrote in the lovingest manner ever. That goes for everyone else who was mentioned in this, if they happen to read this. Oh boy, do I feel sorry for them. I love everyone. I jest in love. LOVE. Also: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, booboosheep, if you get here. I think you might like this? Or maybe you'll run away in horror.

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